Moutse Bulk Water Supply


Client: Greater Sekhukhune District Municipality The Moutse Bulk Water Supply Project is located in the Greater Elias Motsoaledi and the Ephraim Mogale Local Municipalities, west of Groblersdal and Marble Hall in the Limpopo Province (South Africa). It is a unique bulk water supply project of international standard particularly in terms of being financially, technically, socioeconomic and environmentally sound.

The project will supply free basic water to the inhabitants of the Moutse region, as per the policy of the government of South Africa. The project is economically sound in that it will supply water at the lowest possible pumping costs, taking water from the Olifants River at Groblersdal which is situated 80m and 140m higher than the other two existing water abstraction points at Marble Hall and the Flag Boshielo Dam respectively. It therefore saves considerable amounts of energy costs while following the shortest route to Moutse East where 75% of the inhabitants of Moutse reside. The pumping main to Moutse East and the gravity pipeline to Moutse West will cut right through the heart of Moutse and will ensure that all the reservoirs and steel tanks have constant supply of water. It also consists of an extended Groblersdal Water Purification Plant and a 6,62km long pumping main with a diameter of 500 mm to two reservoirs on the western outskirts of the town of Groblersdal. At these reservoirs a pumping station will pump water via a 30,9km long pumping main with a diameter of 600 mm to the Lusaka Reservoirs in Moutse East. On route a 4,5km long branch pipeline will supply water to the Elandsdoorn Reservoir in Moutse East.

The entire Moutse East will therefore be supplied from the Lusaka and Elandsdoorn Reservoirs, including the Philadelphia Hospital at Dennilton and the shopping centre at Elokhishini. The gravity pipeline to the Spitspunt Reservoir in Moutse West will be 51,353km long and will supply all the villages in the northern parts of Moutse East and the entire Moutse West with bulk water. The estimated cost of the is R560m at 2010 price levels.