The 7 storey apartment will be serviced with two elevators, allowing universal access to all levels. Communal laundries will be located in each tower. As the site ground level will be used for parking, a roof garden including children’s creche, play gyms and play areas will be placed within this garden, safe from traffic and secure from the street. Roof gardens will also be located on balconies of the levels 4 and 5 and Penthouse level. Solar PV cells will be installed upon the roof to feed into the grid if budget permits. Rainwater harvesting will also capture rain from the roofs to assist in the irrigation of the roof garden and apartment balconies. It is envisioned that the majority of the building will have the ability to be naturally ventilated and each tower will have a light well to filter natural daylight within their courtyard spaces, thereby reducing the necessity to artificially illuminate them. All light fittings within the units will be LED and all showers will have low flow roses installed. The exterior walls will also be insulated to reduce the need for heating the interior during the short days of winter.